Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Motherhood Discoveries | Lalaloopsy Sew Magical Mermaid Doll

My Daughter Jia's 4th Birthday Present: 
Lalaloopsy Sew Magical Mermaid Doll

     It is because of my daughter Jia that I discovered this lalaloopsy doll toy. It's an unconventional kind of doll toy with a bigger head than its body structure, which made it more attractive and unique. She kept on telling me that she loved to have a lalaloopsy mermaid doll. She was able to discover it through watching YouTube videos, television advertising and playing lalaloopsy games on the website exclusively featuring lalaloopsy stuffs which include crafts, Printables, videos, games and many more.

      I promised to buy her one for her 4th birthday. It took me around a couple of months before I was able to buy one considering our budget. It was a very good timing and the purchase I made was satisfying. 

      The day before her special day, she never forgot to remind me of my promise to buy her favorite lalaloopsy doll and a mermaid in particular. Thank God for the blessings, I was able to buy one and it was quite a memorable day for her. The joy that I've seen in her eyes was so priceless. She even placed it beside her when it's sleeping time.  

     Though the doll was quite pricey, I considered it a best buy. The materials being used are of good quality which made it durable and safe to play with. Just be careful with imitations since there is a lot sold in the market. 

      Now, she continually tried to request another doll set and this time either the Lalaloopsy Tinies or the Lalaloopsy Silly Hair. 

     If you are interested to own one for your daughter loved it; you can purchase it in several malls nationwide. Or you can have it through online order via littletikes, amazon, ebay, kmart, wallmart and target. Several doll variations are available depending on the preference of your child.